Colombian visa

Investor Visa, Work Visa, Spouse Visa, MERCOSUR Visa, among others.

“Visa in Colombia” How to get It?

Visa in Colombia is a “Verified approval of international stay for the Colombian state”

The Colombian visa is the authorization granted to foreign citizens for entry and stay in Colombian territory.

Colombian visa approved by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bogotá, consular offices of the Republic of Colombia abroad.

Colombian visa allows foreigners to develop different types of activities such as investment, work, technical visitors, spouses, students, do business, being entrepreneurs or different occupations in the country.



Types of visa and requirements


Work Visa - Technical visitant (click here)

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The main requirement to obtain your Colombian Work visa is to have a signed employment contract by a company located in Colombia.

Technical visitor visa for business projects.



Spousal o permanent partner visa (clic here):

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In the country it is common to find foreigners married or in a de facto marital union with Colombian nationals.lñ

For this reason, the Government of Colombia has designed the Migrant Visa as a Colombian National Spouse for three years, ouse for three years.


Student Visa (click here)

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In Colombia you can find different educational programs to study. Therefore, every year a lot of foreigners travel to Colombia to obtain their professional studies. For them are allowed this student visa status.


Tourism extension for 90 days.

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The Tourism Extension grants 90 more days for you to stay in Colombia, as a tourist or visitor. It is important that you request it 10 to 15 days before the first 90 days of permanence of the entry stamp expire.

Salvoconducto Colombia

Safe conduct for 30 days.

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The safe-conduct is a temporary residence document for 30 days, for the foreigner who is within the national territory, and carries out procedures to obtain a visa.


Translation Legalization and Apostille of Documents.

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You will find official translations for your documents in another language. Professional translation and interpreting services endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia

New Visas in Colombia

Visa in Colombia is a “Verified approval of international stay for the Colombian state” The visa is an international authorization to stay in Colombia, it is a type of approval that allows you to stay in the country for a certain time.

Depending on the type of visa, the foreigner can carry out different activities. The visa is stamped in the passport or issued as an electronic visa.

If you are going to apply for a visa to live temporarily or permanently in the national territory, you must know the new visas for Colombia, according to the new Colombian immigration law (Resolution 5477 of 2022).

New visa for Digital Nomads in Colombia

Digital Nomads visa in Colombia (clic here)

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Being a digital nomad in Colombia means having the ability to work remotely, while traveling and exploring the country.

It’s the perfect time to work remotely and be a digital nomad. This country is embracing this trend with very attractive programs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers this type of visa for those who want to live in cosmopolitan cities, in the mountains or on paradisiacal beaches.


Retirement or Rentist visa (Click here)

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This immigration permit is granted to foreigners for retirement. It is an excellent opportunity for people who want to live and enjoy a wide variety of tourist attractions, good gastronomy, natural landscapes and cultural activities in our country.

visa de inversionista investor visa

Investment Visa (Click here)

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  • There are two ways to apply for investor visas in Colombia.
  • As a partner owner of a company (Entrepreneur visas).
  • Buying real estate in Colombia (property owner visas).

Visa Beneficiaries (click here).

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It is the perfect solution for your family to have an immigration status in Colombia. The beneficiaries will depend financially on the type of the holder visa (head of household) previously obtained.

Colombian Visa Renewal

In Colombia, visa renewal does not exist. In all cases, a new electronic visa is always requested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Colombian consular offices.

Visa Renewal procedures must be carried out 3 months in advance of the expiration of the current visa.

If the foreign citizen needs to extend their stay, they must first provide the requirements in the new visa application such as the first time.


Andean Migrant Visa

Since May 12, 2023, the option to apply for this type of visa, from the national citizens of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru (Andean Migration Statute).

Visa-colombiana-Padre-o Madre-de-nacional-colombiano Colombia Parent Visa

Colombia Parent Visa

This visa was created for foreign citizens who are parents of a Colombia citizen by birth.

The father or mother of a Colombian child who completes two (2) years with this type of visa in which he or she will be allowed to work or carry out independent activities.

With this visa you can apply for a resident visa after 2 years, which is valid for 5 years.


Resident Visa in Colombia

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Residence is the condition that every foreigner wishes to acquire. The Resident visa for immigration policy is the only one in Colombia with indefinite expiration, but it is necessary every 5 years to change the label.


Colombian visa renewal

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It is very similar to the process when you first get a visa, you will have to submit a new application no matter what class and category of visa you are applying for.



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In South America, the Colombia Mercosur visa is intended for citizens with nationalities of countries that are permanent or associated members of the Mercosur economic bloc.


Business Visa click here

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The visa for business activities is granted to the foreigner whose purpose is to learn about or supervise different investment alternatives, represent a company, be a shareholder or carry out commercial transactions in the country.


Visa Restricted Nationalities click here.

China, India, Cuba, Africa

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People whose nationality requires a visa to enter and stay in Colombia (such as Chinese, Indian, Cuban nationality, etc.), must apply for a visa at a Colombian consulate before entering the country for any reason.


Visa Transfer

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The transfer of the visa will be carried out in the following cases:

  • Due to deterioration of the passport.
  • Change or loss of passport.
  • For change of label of the Resident visa

General instructions to apply your Colombian visa


Valid travel document, in good condition and with free pages to stamp visas.


Fill out the electronic visa application form on the line of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Apostilled documents.

All documents or requirements such as criminal records, apostilles, birth certificates, among others, must have an issue date no greater than three months before the visa application.

Official Translation.

All documents that come from abroad in a different language must have an official translation into Spanish. The official translation must be legalized or apostilled, as the case may be.

Bank statements.

In the case of requiring the presentation of bank statements for the Type M visa application, these can be presented without an apostille or legalization and without a translation into Spanish, if their content can be clearly established by the visa officer.

Electronic Visa.

Foreign citizens can apply for their visa before entering Colombia both at the Colombian consulate in their country and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bogotá.

Foreigner ID.

Once your visa is approved in Colombia, you must register it and request your foreigner’s identity card at the Colombia Migration offices, located nationwide, within fifteen (15) days after the issuance of your visa. Ask how to apply for Foreigner ID?


How to Create your Company in Colombia

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Opening and constitution of Legal Companies for entrepreneurs.

  • Simplified Stock Company (SAS).
  • Limited Company (LTDA).

Accounting Advice.

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Consulting and accounting management for foreign citizens.

  • Accounting in general, which allows you to obtain reliable information about your personal tax situation or that of your company.
  • Tax Planning, which will help keep your different tax obligations up to date, avoiding sanctions and fines.

When a foreign citizen is a tax resident in Colombia?

Immigration Certificate click here.

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After the visa, the foreigner’s ID fulfills the sole purpose of identifying foreigners in Colombian territory.

Difference between a Passport and a Colombian Visa

Although both documents identify their bearer, here you will find the main differences.


It is a document that proves the identity and nationality of a person. It is a necessary requirement to visit Colombia. The passport identifies its bearer in the country and is generally valid for 10 years, depending on its place of issue.

Depending on the country where you are, the passport is issued by the Secretary or Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To process it, the person must go to that entity.

Colombian visa

It is a “Verified Approval of International Stay” is a type of authorization that allows permanence in Colombia for a certain time. The visa is stamped on the passport, like a stamp, but also, the visa can be issued as an electronic document.

There are also different types of visas in Colombia, which vary according to length of stay, economic activity, among other aspects.

Visa requirements may vary, but you will need to fill out an online form with your information and personal data. They will ask for your identity document and a photograph. You must pay the corresponding fee and wait the indicated period to obtain it.


We will provide you with complete and detailed immigration information.

    Type - V

    If your intention is to stay in Colombia for a short period of time, the Type V visitor visa is your best option, with it you can carry out technical, business, study, tourism, medical treatment activities, among others. Valid for up to 2 years.

    Type - M

    The migrant visa is perfect for foreigners who settle permanently in Colombia, who carry out work activities, investment, permanent spouses of Colombian citizens or pensioners, etc. Valid for up to 3 years.

    Type - R

    The residence or resident visa Type R, is the immigration status with the most benefits in Colombia, the foreigner will be authorized to carry out any lawful activity in the National Territory. Its validity will be 5 years.

    Digital Nomad Visa - Visa de Nomada Digital

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    La visa de Nómada digital Tipo – V es un nuevo de estilo de vida en Colombia, ya es una realidad, el cambio creciente en la dinámica del trabajo esta provocando que muchas personas trabajen el exterior y deseen vivir en el país.

    Visa- MIGRANTE Profesional Independiente

    Visa de Trabajo en Colombia Tipo - M

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    La visa para trabajar en Colombia se encuentra dentro de la categoría Visa Migrante Tipo M con el nombre de “Trabajado”


    Visa de Cónyuge o esposo en Colombia.

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    Los extranjeros que contraen matrimonio o tienen una unión con un nacional colombiano, pueden  solicitar Visa migrante de Cónyuge . Se entiende por “cónyuges” aquellas personas que mantienen un vínculo matrimonial o análogo, inscrito en un organismo público ya sea en Colombia o en el exterior.

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